Medfix® VISION Lumbar Retractor

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Medfix® VISION Lumbar Retractor Systems:

• Anodized aluminum blades provide a higher degree of radiolucency compared to stainless steel or titanium.
• Color coded blades for easy intra-operative size identification.
• Elliptical lumbar frame. The curvature of the frame provides a more anatomical exposure compared to traditional box frames
• Lighted blades available.
• Locking technology assures that the blades are securely connected to the retractor body.
• All components, including sterilization trays are made in the United States.

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Product Description

Medfix® Vision LS Lumbar Retractor Set MFV-1008
Cat. No.InventoryQuantity
MF-0440Medfix® LS Retractor Frame1
MF-0438Medfix® LS T-Handle1
MF-0098Medfix® Screw-on Retractor Handle2
MF-0437Medfix® LS Front Loading Blade Holder for Straight Post6
MF-2345ASMedfix® 23mm x 45mm Lumbar Green Blade2
MF-2355ASMedfix® 23mm x 55mm Lumber Black Blade2
MF-2365ASMedfix® 23mm x 65mm Lumbar Gray Blade2
MF-2375ASMedfix® 23mm x 75mm Lumbar Orange Blade2
MF-2385ASMedfix® 23mm x 85mm Lumbar Turquoise Blade2
MFV-1008-INSERTMedfix® Vision LS Basic Lumbar Retractor Insert1
MF283-2145-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal 1 Level Small Case1
MF283-2145-LIDMedfix® Vision Universal Small Case Lid1


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