Medfix® Caspar Style Hinged Distractor Set

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The distractor set is used to place distraction pins in the cervical area into the vertebral bodies of the affected pathology, simply place the distractor over the seated pins, and distract to perform the discectomy. The Medfix Distractor Frame with Hinged Arms eliminates the need for individual Right and Left distractors. By removing the key, turning the rack over, and inserting the key on the new side, a Right side distractor is transformed into a Left side distractor.

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Medfix® Caspar Style Hinged Distractor Set
Cat. No. Inventory Quantity
MF-0087 Medfix® Distractor Frame w/60mm Hinged Arms, 120mm Rack 1
MF051-603 Medfix® Distraction Screw Driver 8 inch, 200mm 2
MF232-9052 Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 12mm 2
MF232-9057 Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 14mm 2
MF232-9062 Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 16mm 2
MF552-2146-CASE Medfix® Caspar Style Hinged Distractor Set Graphic Case 1
Also available:
MF232-9067 Medfix® Distraction Screws, non-sterile, 18mm


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm