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Dear Visitors,
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I am extremely proud of what Medfix has become and the distinct place it holds in the Global medical industry. During my 30 years in this field, I saw many large companies making huge strides in medical advancement, but forgetting the importance of accessibility to the patient. At Medfix, I’ve made it my mission to provide the global community with the highest quality products and to never lose sight of affordability and accessibility.

The world is rightfully demanding higher standards in medical instrumentation and implants. I have personally witnessed poor quality products being used internationally in the medical field and it is heartbreaking. If a company remains focused solely on profits, it’s the customer who suffers. At Medfix, we use the finest materials to create an affordable product available to everyone—from the smallest makeshift operating room to the world’s most prestigious surgical centers. Our customers and their patients’ needs guide all our decisions, large or small. For many of them in over fifty-five countries, quality products weren’t an option until the launching of the Medfix mission.

It is our passion to propel medical advancement forward through shared knowledge. One thing I impart to our team is that knowledge that isn’t shared is wasted. When you hoard knowledge and innovation, you will always stop advancement.
However, Medfix is all about advancement and together we have created an entirely different market – a knowledgeable one – that ultimately benefits surgeons and their patients worldwide.

As Medfix CEO, I remain steadfastly dedicated to positively affecting others and delivering the best technology to improve all patient’s lives. I am thankful to be the founder, today and every day, and I am proud that our mission will continue to make life better for thousands of surgeons and millions of patients around the world. I hope you can support Medfix and me in this challenge.

Joseph Samaha, President

Medfix International, LLC


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