Medfix International is dedicated to providing innovative high-quality solutions for specialty surgical instrument systems. We guarantee that all of our products are made to the highest industry standards, assuring products of the finest quality.

Cervical Spine:

Casper-Style Hinged Distractor Set
Vision CS and TL Cervical Retractor Sets
Extended Cervical Retractor Set

Lumbar Spine:

Universal Modular Lumbar Shaver Set
Universal Lumbar Curette Set
Lumbar Combination Set

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Spine:

Vision Complete Tubular Retractor Set
Vision Lumbar MIS retractor, Complete Set

Medfix® VISION Cervical Retractor Sets

Medfix® VISION Lumbar Retractor Sets

Medfix® VISION Tubular Lumbar MIS Retractor Sets

Medfix® VISION MIS Lumbar Retractor Sets

Medfix® VISION MIS Lumbar Instrument Sets

Medfix® Cervical Disc Preparation Sets

Medfix® Lumbar Disc Instrument Sets

Medfix® General Spine Instruments


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