About Medfix International, LLC

We came to exist as an answer to the overwhelming demand for lower-cost alternatives to the traditional avenues for surgical equipment, devices, and supplies. Over the years, as formidably large corporations continued to grow exponentially, their pricing grew to match. While many positive strides were made in the delivery of cutting-edge surgical technology, the companies that spearheaded these advancements lost sight of something we feel is important—accessibility.

Our goal was clear: We would seek, find, and provide to our customers alternatives for the devices and supplies they needed. We knew quality must not be compromised, but could not lose sight of the importance of affordable equipment.

Today, our philosophy remains unchanged from the early years. We exist to serve our global community. From a makeshift operating room in a small village in Nepal, to a ten-bed hospital in rural Colombia, to the most prestigious centers of medical excellence in the world, Medfix® International is committed to deliver surgical instruments, procedure-specific instrumentation, and implants in the fields of our expertise: orthopedic, spine, and neurosurgery.

"…always making sure patient comes first and profits second."

Our passion lies in helping our customers to develop, implement, and improve their surgical service, always making sure the patient comes first and profits come second. We have seen how the delivery of our solutions has enabled surgeons to perform surgical procedures their hospitals and patients could not have otherwise afforded. Our philosophy has propelled us forward, earned the trust of thousands of customers worldwide, and made it possible to improve patient lives.

To our loyal customers, we thank you for your continued trust and patronage, and we invite those who seek an alternative who will work with you and help you succeed to come join us on our journey to make a difference and do right by our respective communities.

The Medfix Mission

Medfix® International makes high-quality surgical devices accessible to doctors worldwide.

Why do doctors choose Medfix International products? Because of our VALUES.

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Low Cost
  • Exclusive Selection
  • Worldwide Accessibility
  • Expert Customer Service

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