Medfix® Universal Modular Lumbar Curette Set

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The Curettes are used to open the intervertebral space to allow placement of hardware or biocompatible radiolucent PEEK implants to maintain proper vertebral positioning. The Curettes are used to cut, rasp, or scrape the intervertebral disc material and bone, loosening it for removal.

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Product Description

Medfix® Universal Lumbar Curette Set
Cat. No.InventoryQuantity
MF955-200Medfix® Uterine Straight Curette1
MF955-201Medfix® Uterine Left Angled Curette1
MF955-202Medfix® Uterine Right Angled Curette1
MF955-203Medfix® Cup Straight Curette #41
MF955-204Medfix® Cup Left Angled Curette #41
MF955-205Medfix® Cup Right Angled Curette#41
MF955-206Medfix® Axial Handle, Blue Handle, ¼” Square Drive, QC2
MF955-207-INSERTMedfix® Modular Lumbar Curette Set Insert1
MF283-2145-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal 1 Level Small Case1
MF955-208-LIDMedfix® Lumbar Modular Curette Set Lid1


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