Medfix® VISION 18mm Basic MIS Tubes

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Medfix® VISION Tubular Retractor Systems:

Medfix now offers the ideal system configuration for minimally invasive tubular retraction that includes everything a surgeon will need for their exposure: Tubes, Dilators, Rigid arm or Flex arm, Light source/Light cable, and MIS instruments. Our system features are as follows:

• 18mm, 22mm, and 26mm diameter tubes available.
• 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 120mm tube lengths available.
• Our aluminum MIS tubes are more radiolucent than either titanium or stainless steel.
• All Medfix tubes, and dilators are color anodized for easy intra-operative size identification.
• All tubes have two light cable pathways. Our configurations come with a light cable, and a light source designed to work seamlessly with our system.
• Our MIS instruments are glare resistant, and black titanium-nitrate coated to provide extended instrument life.
• Medfix now offers a complete rigid and flexible arm option.
• Our modular system allows for custom configurations, small builds and complete sets.
• All components, including sterilization trays, are made in the United States.

Our Medfix Vision MIS Tubular Retractor System can be used in the following procedures: Discectomy, Laminectomy, Stenosis, MIS PLIF, MIS TLIF, Pedicle Screws, and Cervical Foraminotomy.

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Product Description

Medfix® Vision Basic 1-Level 18mm Tubular Retractor Set
Cat. No.InventoryQuantity
MF-1850TSMedfix® TRS Straight Retractor Tube, 18mm Dia. x 50mm, Blue1
MF-1860TSMedfix® TRS Straight Retractor Tube, 18mm Dia. x 60mm, Blue1
MF-1870TSMedfix® TRS Straight Retractor Tube, 18mm Dia. x 70mm, Blue1
MF-1880TSMedfix® TRS Straight Retractor Tube, 18mm Dia. x 80mm, Blue1
MF-1008Medfix® Dilator #1, 8mm, Silver1
MF-2013Medfix® Dilator #2, 13mm, Green1
MF-3018Medfix® Dilator #3, 18mm, Blue1
MFV-1010-INSERT-18Medfix® Vision TRS Tubular Retractor Set Insert, 18mm1
MF283-2145-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal Small 1 Level Case1
MF283-2145-LIDMedfix® Vision Universal Small Case Lid1


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