Medfix® VISION Midline Lumbar Retractor Set

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Medfix® VISION Midline Lumbar Retractor Set:

Anodized aluminum blades provide a higher degree of radiolucency compared to stainless steel or titanium.

Color coated blades for easy intra-operative identification.

Single level and Multi-level blades available.

Toeable frame allows the blades to toe out up to 30 degrees on each arm independently.

Lighted blades available.

Locking technology assures that the blades are securely connected to the retractor body.

All components, including sterilization trays, are made in the United States.

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Product Description

Medfix® VISION Midline Lumbar Retractor Set
Cat. No.InventoryQTY
MF-0098Medfix® Screw-on Retractor Handle2
MF-0438Medfix® T-Handle1
MF-0118Medfix® Midline Toeable Retractor, 160mm Rack, 60mm Arms1
MF-2345ASMedfix® 23mm x 45mm Lumbar Blade, Green2
MF-2355ASMedfix® 23mm x 55mm Lumbar Blade, Black2
MF-2365ASMedfix® 23mm x 65mm Lumbar Blade, Gray2
MF-2375ASMedfix® 23mm x 75mm Lumbar Blade, Orange2
MF-2385ASMedfix® 23mm x 85mm Lumbar Blade, Turquoise2
MF110-1917-INSERTMedfix® Vision Midline Lumbar Retractor Insert1
MF283-2145-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal 1 Level Small Case1
MF283-2145-LIDMedfix® Vision Universal Small Case Lid1
MF01853Medfix® Vision Lumbar Small I.D Tag2