Medfix® VISION Anterior Lumbar Retractor Set

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Medfix® Y-Frame Anterior Lumbar Retractor Set

Independent Arm Adjustment capabilities.

Retraction requirements may be modified at anytime during a procedure by adjusting one or both of the retractor frame’s arms.

Unlimited frame adjustments accommodate all patient’s sizes.

Multilevel wide blades available.

Anodized aluminum blades provide a higher degree of radiolucency compared to stainless steel or titanium.

Made in Germany.

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Product Description

Medfix® Y-Frame Anterior Lumbar Retractor Set
Cat. NoInventoryQuantity
MF-1801Medfix® Y-Frame for Anterior Lumbar Retractor1
MF-1802Medfix® Y-Frame Table Clamp with Vertical Post1
MF-1803Medfix® Y-Frame Retractor Clamp4
MF-1811Medfix® Y-Frame Renal Retractor, 1″ x 4½” Aluminum4
MF-1812Medfix® Y-Frame Renal Retractor, 1″ x 6″ Aluminum4
MF-1813Medfix® Y-Frame Renal Retractor, 1″ x 8″ Aluminum4
MF-1818Medfix® Y-Frame Coupling Clamp1
MFV-1195-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal 1 Level Large Case (for blades)1
MFV-1009L2-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal 2 Level Large Case (for retractor components)1
MF283-2150-LIDMedfix® Vision Universal Large Case Lid2