Medfix Small Fragment Instrument Set, German Made

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Sharp Hook
Periosteal Elevator
Small Hexagon Screw Driver with Holding Sleeve, 2.5mm
Tap Handle With Quick Coupling
Hohmann Retractor with Broad Shank x2
Small Hexagonal Screw Driver with End to Fit Quick Coupling, 2.5mm x2
Neutral and Load Drill Guide 3.5mm Screws
Tap Sleeve 3.5mm
Drill Guide and Drill Sleeve 2.0mm
Bending Template for Small Plates with 7 Holes
Bending Template for Small Plates with 9 Holes
Insert Drill sleeve 3.5mm
Reduction Forceps
Self-Centering Bone Holding Forceps
Bending Irons x2
Hohmann Retractor 8mm x2
Sterilization Case
Depth Gauge
Tap 4.0mm x2
Tap 3.5mm x2
Drill Bit 3.5mm x2
Drill Bit 2.5mm x2
Small Counter Sink
Screw Holding Forceps