Medfix® Universal Modular Lumbar Distractor Set

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Product Description

Medfix® Universal Modular Lumbar Distractor Set MFDS-1180
Cat. No.InventoryQty
MF260-1000Medfix Distractor, 6mm1
MF260-1001Medfix Distractor, 7mm1
MF260-1002Medfix Distractor, 8mm1
MF260-1003Medfix Distractor, 9mm1
MF260-1004Medfix Distractor, 10mm1
MF260-1005Medfix Distractor, 11mm1
MF260-1006Medfix Distractor, 12mm1
MF260-1007Medfix Distractor, 13mm1
MF260-1008Medfix Distractor, 14mm1
MF260-1037Medfix® QC T-Handle, ¼” Sq. Drive, Rubber Handle, Blue, Cannulated2
MFDS-1180-INSERTMedfix Modular Distractor Set Insert1
MF283-2145-CASEMedfix® Vision Universal Small 1 Level Case1
MFDS-1180-LIDMedfix Modular Distractor Set Lid1


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