Medfix® Lumbar Screw Removal Set

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The Medfix® Lumbar Screw Removal System is your choice for the removal of all dual and single rod instrumentation in the spine. This compact solution meets all the requirements of a modern and efficient extraction system. The intuitive design ensures that the system is streamlined and user friendly.

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Medfix® Lumbar Screw Removal System
Cat NoDescriptionQTY
MF750-3001Medfix® T-Handle with Ratchet, 1/4″ Connector1
MF750-3002Medfix® Distance Adapter Medium1
MF750-3003Medfix® Adapter for Drilling Machine 1/4″, Triangular End1
MF750-3004Medfix® Quick Coupling for Double-Bits1
MF750-3005Medfix® Extractor for Spine Screws1
MF750-3006Medfix® I-Handle with Ratchet 1/4″ Conn.1
MF750-3007Medfix® Rod Grasping Forceps 45° Angled1
MF750-3008Medfix® Rod Inlay 4.0mm for Extractor2
MF750-3009Medfix® Rod Inlay 5.0mm for Extractor2
MF750-3010Medfix® Rod Inlay 6.0mm for Extractor2
MF750-3011Medfix® HEX Double-Bit 3.5/4.0mm2
MF750-3012Medfix® HEX Double-Bit 4.5/5.0mm2
MF750-3013Medfix® HEX Double-Bit 5.5/6.0mm2
MF750-3014Medfix® TX Double-Bit 15.0/20.0mm2
MF750-3015Medfix® TX Double-Bit 25.0/30.0mm2
MF750-3016Medfix® Extractor for 3.5-4.5mm Broken Screws2
MF750-3017Medfix® Extractor for 4.5-5.5mm Broken Screws2
MF750-3018Medfix® Extractor for 5.5-6.5mm Broken Screws2
MF750-3019Medfix® Extractor for 6.0-7.5mm Broken Screws2
MF750-3020Medfix® Extractor for 3.5-4.5mm Cold Welded2
MF750-3021Medfix® Extractor for 4.5-5.5mm Cold Welded2
MF750-3022Medfix® Extractor for 5.5-6.5mm Cold Welded2
MF750-3023Medfix® Extractor for 6.0-7.5mm Cold Welded2
MF750-3024Medfix® Lumbar SRS Instrument Tray1
MF750-3025Medfix® Lumbar SRS Tray Lid1