Medfix Lumbar Evolution Spinal Implant Removal Kit

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Evolution kits are designed to remove/revise a wide range
of the major thoracolumbar or cervical implant systems
on the market.
Comprehensive implant removal systems contain virtually all
the bits and instruments that will optimize the surgeon’s
removal options—based on both procedural needs and surgical

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Cat. NoDescriptionp/nqty
MF750-2001Evolution – TL Case, LidLC100051
MF750-2002Evolution – TL Case, BottomBC100011
MF750-2003Evolution – TL Tray, BottomTB100011
MF750-2004Evolution – TL Tray, TopTT100011
MF750-2005Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 2.5mmHD20109842
MF750-2006Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 2.78mm (7/64″)HD20110941
MF750-2007Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 3.0mmHD20111811
MF750-2008Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 3.18mm (1/8″)HD20112501
MF750-2009Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 3.5mmHD20113781
MF750-2010Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 3.97mm (5/32″)HD20115631
MF750-2011Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 4.5mmHD20117721
MF750-2012Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 4.76mm (3/16″)HD20118751
MF750-2013Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 5.0mmHD20119691
MF750-2014Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 5.56mm (7/32″)HD20121881
MF750-2015Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 6.35mm (1/4″)HD20125001
MF750-2016Evolution – TL Hex Driver Male, 7.0mmHD20127561
MF750-2017Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 3.18mm (1/8″)HD20212501
MF750-2018Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 3.97mm (5/32″)HD20215631
MF750-2019Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 4.76mm (3/16″)HD20218751
MF750-2020Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 5.0mmHD20219691
MF750-2021Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 5.56mm (7/32″)HD20221881
MF750-2022Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 6.0mmHD20223621
MF750-2023Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 6.35mm (1/4″)HD20225001
MF750-2024Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 7.0mmHD20227561
MF750-2025Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 7.94mm (5/16″)HD20231251
MF750-2026Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 8.0mmHD20231501
MF750-2027Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 9.0mmHD20235431
MF750-2028Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 7.53mm (3/8″)HD20237501
MF750-2029Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 10.0mmHD20239371
MF750-2030Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 11.11mm (7/16″)HD20243751
MF750-2031Evolution – TL Hex Driver Female, 12.70mm (1/2″)HD20250001
MF750-2032Evolution – TL Hexalobe Driver, T20HD203T201
MF750-2033Evolution – TL Hexalobe Driver, T25HD203T251
MF750-2034Evolution – TL Hexalobe Driver, T30HD203T301
MF750-2035Evolution – TL Hexalobe Driver, T40HD203T401
MF750-2036Evolution – TL Set Screw Extractor, 2.5mmRS1010062
MF750-2037Evolution – TL Set Screw Extractor, 3.0mmRS1010072
MF750-2038Evolution – TL Set Screw Extractor, 3.5mmRS1010082
MF750-2039Evolution – TL Blade, .20 x .045CD1010081
MF750-2040Evolution – TL Bone Screw Extractor, 4.0mmRS20115751
MF750-2041Evolution – TL Bone Screw Extractor, 5.0mmRS20119691
MF750-2042Evolution – TL Bone Screw Extractor, 6.0mmRS20123621
MF750-2043Evolution – TL Bone Screw Extractor, 7.0mmRS20127561
MF750-2044Evolution – TL Bone Screw Extractor, 8.0mmRS20131501
MF750-2045Evolution – TL Bone Screw Extractor, 9.0mmRS20135431
MF750-2046Evolution – TL Trephines, 4.0mmHR10115751
MF750-2047Evolution – TL Trephines, 5.0mmHR10119691
MF750-2048Evolution – TL Trephines, 6.0mmHR10123621
MF750-2049Evolution – TL Trephines, 7.0mmHR10127561
MF750-2050Evolution – TL Trephines, 8.0mmHR10131501
MF750-2051Evolution – TL Trephines, 9.0mmHR10135431
MF750-2052Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Saddle, 5mmCD1010011
MF750-2053Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Saddle, 6mmCD1010021
MF750-2054Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Sleeve Nut DriverCD1010031
MF750-2055Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Closed Two-ProngCD1010041
MF750-2056Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Three-Lok, CorinCD1010051
MF750-2057Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Pentalobe CrossCD1010061
MF750-2058Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Phillips DriverCD1010101
MF750-2059Evolution – TL Custom Driver for Octagon, Spine TechCD2010021
MF750-2060Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Locking and Inner Screw DriverCD1010141
MF750-2061Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Outer Bone Screw DriverCD1010151
MF750-2062Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Cam TightenerCD1010161
MF750-2063Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Hexalobe Tip Driver Assembly, X-15CD1010181
MF750-2064Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Hexalobe Tip Driver Assembly, X-20CD1010191
MF750-2065Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Hexalobe Tip Driver Assembly, X-25CD1010201
MF750-2066Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Small Flat BladeCD1010211
MF750-2067Evolution – TL Custom Driver for Aesculap SystemCD2010031
MF750-2068Evolution Ratchet T-Handle, Black HandleTR2110001
MF750-2069Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Anchor Screw DriverCD2010041
MF750-2070Evolution – TL Custom Driver, 11mm (12pt) Synthes SystemCD2010061
MF750-2071Evolution – TL Custom Driver, 13.8mm Hex DriverCD2010071
MF750-2072Evolution – TL Custom Driver, Cap Nut Bit CrossCD2010081
MF750-2073Evolution – TL Adjustable PliersAP2110011
MF750-2074Evolution – TL 8″ Shaft ExtentionEX1031282
MF750-2075Evolution – TL Multi-Purpose Impactor HandleMP2040001
MF750-2076Evolution – TL Counter-Torque Driver (wide)TC1040001
MF750-2077Evolution – TL Counter-Torque Driver (narrow)TC1040021
MF750-2078Evolution – TL Open End Wrench, 3/8″ and 1/4″WB1010071
MF750-2079Evolution – TL Open End Wrench, 7/32″ and 9/32″WB1010091