Medfix Love-Gruenwald IVD Rongeurs

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Product Description

Medfix Love-Gruenwald IVD Rongeur 3x10mm Bite
Part Number Description Part Number Description
5″ (130mm)   6″ (150mm) 
MF232-2432 Straight MF232-2452 Straight
MF232-2437 Angled Up MF232-2457 Angled Up
MF232-2442 Angled Down MF232-2462 Angled Down
5″ (130mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 6″ (150mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2432B Straight MF232-2452B Straight
MF232-2437B Angled Up MF232-2457B Angled Up
MF232-2442B Angled Down MF232-2462B Angled Down
5″ (130mm), Detachable 6″ (150mm), Detachable
MF232-2432DT Straight MF232-2452DT Straight
MF232-2437DT Angled Up MF232-2457DT Angled Up
MF232-2442DT Angled Down MF232-2462DT Angled Down
5″ (130mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 6″ (150mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2432DTB Straight MF232-2452DTB Straight
MF232-2437DTB Angled Up MF232-2457DTB Angled Up
MF232-2442DTB Angled Down MF232-2462DTB Angled Down
7″ (180mm)   9″ (230mm)
MF232-2477 Straight MF232-2497 Straight
MF232-2482 Angled Up MF232-2502 Angled Up
MF232-2487 Angled Down MF232-2507 Angled Down
7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 9″ (230mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2477B Straight MF232-2497B Straight
MF232-2482B Angled Up MF232-2502B Angled Up
MF232-2487B Angled Down MF232-2507B Angled Down
7″ (180mm), Detachable 9″ (230mm), Detachable
MF232-2477DT Straight MF232-2497DT Straight
MF232-2482DT Angled Up MF232-2502DT Angled Up
MF232-2487DT Angled Down MF232-2507DT Angled Down
7″ (180mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 9″ (230mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2477DTB Straight MF232-2497DTB Straight
MF232-2482DTB Angled Up MF232-2502DTB Angled Up
MF232-2487DTB Angled Down MF232-2507DTB Angled Down
10″ (255mm)   11″ (280mm)
MF232-2517 Straight MF232-2537 Straight
MF232-2522 Angled Up MF232-2542 Angled Up
MF232-2527 Angled Down MF232-2572 Angled Down
10″ (255mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 11″ (280mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2517B Straight MF232-2537B Straight
MF232-2522B Angled Up MF232-2542B Angled Up
MF232-2527B Angled Down MF232-2572B Angled Down
10″ (255mm), Detachable 11″ (280mm), Detachable
MF232-2517DT Straight MF232-2537DT Straight
MF232-2522DT Angled Up MF232-2542DT Angled Up
MF232-2527DT Angled Down MF232-2572DT Angled Down
10″ (255mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 11″ (280mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2517DTB Straight MF232-2537DTB Straight
MF232-2522DTB Angled Up MF232-2542DTB Angled Up
MF232-2527DTB Angled Down MF232-2572DTB Angled Down
12″ (305mm) 
MF232-2552 Straight
MF232-2553 Angled Up
MF232-2554 Angled Down
12″ (305mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2552B Straight
MF232-2553B Angled Up
MF232-2554B Angled Down
12″ (305mm), Detachable
MF232-2552DT Straight
MF232-2553DT Angled Up
MF232-2554DT Angled Down
12″ (305mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2552DTB Straight
MF232-2553DTB Angled Up
MF232-2554DTB Angled Down


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