Medfix Kerrison Swing Rongeur

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Product Description

Medfix Kerrison Swing Rongeur, 90° Up-cuttingMedfix   Kerrison Swing Rongeur, 40° Up-cutting
Part NumberDescriptionPart NumberDescription
Standard Footplate, 180mm (7″)Standard Footplate, 180mm (7″)
MF249-51011mm biteMF249-71011mm bite
MF249-51022mm biteMF249-71022mm bite
MF249-51033mm biteMF249-71033mm bite
MF249-51044mm biteMF249-71044mm bite
MF249-51055mm biteMF249-71055mm bite
MF249-51066mm biteMF249-71066mm bite
Thin Footplate, 180mm (7″)Thin Footplate, 180mm (7″)
MF249-5101T1mm biteMF249-7101T1mm bite
MF249-5102T2mm biteMF249-7102T2mm bite
MF249-5103T3mm biteMF249-7103T3mm bite
MF249-5104T4mm biteMF249-7104T4mm bite
MF249-5105T5mm biteMF249-7105T5mm bite
MF249-5106T6mm biteMF249-7106T6mm bite
Standard Footplate, 180mm (7″) Black Ceramic CoatedStandard Footplate, 180mm (7″) Black Ceramic Coated
MF249-5101CC1mm biteMF249-7101CC1mm bite
MF249-5102CC2mm biteMF249-7102CC2mm bite
MF249-5103CC3mm biteMF249-7103CC3mm bite
MF249-5104CC4mm biteMF249-7104CC4mm bite
MF249-5105CC5mm biteMF249-7105CC5mm bite
MF249-5106CC6mm biteMF249-7106CC6mm bite
Thin Footplate, 180mm (7″) Black Ceramic CoatedThin Footplate, 180mm (7″) Black Ceramic Coated
MF249-5101TCC1mm biteMF249-7101TCC1mm bite
MF249-5102TCC2mm biteMF249-7102TCC2mm bite
MF249-5103TCC3mm biteMF249-7103TCC3mm bite
MF249-5104TCC4mm biteMF249-7104TCC4mm bite
MF249-5105TCC5mm biteMF249-7105TCC5mm bite
MF249-5106TCC6mm biteMF249-7106TCC6mm bite
Standard Footplate, 200mm (8″)Standard Footplate, 200mm (8″)
MF249-52011mm biteMF249-72011mm bite
MF249-52022mm biteMF249-72022mm bite
MF249-52033mm biteMF249-72033mm bite
MF249-52044mm biteMF249-72044mm bite
MF249-52055mm biteMF249-72055mm bite
MF249-52066mm biteMF249-72066mm bite
Thin Footplate, 200mm (8″)Thin Footplate, 200mm (8″)
MF249-5201T1mm biteMF249-7201T1mm bite
MF249-5202T2mm biteMF249-7202T2mm bite
MF249-5203T3mm biteMF249-7203T3mm bite
MF249-5204T4mm biteMF249-7204T4mm bite
MF249-5205T5mm biteMF249-7205T5mm bite
MF249-5206T6mm biteMF249-7206T6mm bite
Standard Footplate, 200mm (8″) Black Ceramic CoatedStandard Footplate, 200mm (8″) Black Ceramic Coated
MF249-5201CC1mm biteMF249-7201CC1mm bite
MF249-5202CC2mm biteMF249-7202CC2mm bite
MF249-5203CC3mm biteMF249-7203CC3mm bite
MF249-5204CC4mm biteMF249-7204CC4mm bite
MF249-5205CC5mm biteMF249-7205CC5mm bite
MF249-5206CC6mm biteMF249-7206CC6mm bite
Thin Footplate, 200mm (8″) Black Ceramic CoatedThin Footplate, 200mm (8″) Black Ceramic Coated
MF249-5201TCC1mm biteMF249-7201TCC1mm bite
MF249-5202TCC2mm biteMF249-7202TCC2mm bite
MF249-5203TCC3mm biteMF249-7203TCC3mm bite
MF249-5204TCC4mm biteMF249-7204TCC4mm bite
MF249-5205TCC5mm biteMF249-7205TCC5mm bite
MF249-5206TCC6mm biteMF249-7206TCC6mm bite


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