Medfix Fiber Optic Light Cables, Length 10ft

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Medfix fiber optic cables for headlight and scope applications.
A complete assortment of end tips, inputs and color sheathing offer complete adaptability.
Select from a broad range of colors to make your light guide distinctive, Clear sheathing is also available.
Leak tight construction utilizing and minimize collection of foreign matter
Outstanding light transmission in three standard lengths 6ft(1.8M), 7.5ft(2.28M) & 10ft(3.05M)
Compatible with high speed (flash) sterilizing systems, cold sterilization, Sterad and Steris processes
FDA Approved
One Year Warranty

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Input fitting:O (OLYMPUS), distal fitting:WC (WOLF, SMITH & NEPHEW, DYONICS), color: Blue, length 10ft