Medfix Cushing IVD Rongeurs

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Product Description

Medfix Cushing IVD Rongeurs
1.5 x 10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm) 1.5 x 10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm) 
MF221-1999 Angled Down MF221-1996 Angled Down
MF221-2000 Angled Up MF221-1997 Angled Up
MF221-2001 Straight MF221-1998 Straight
1.5 x 10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 1.5 x 10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF221-1999B Angled Down MF221-1996B Angled Down
MF221-2000B Angled Up MF221-1997B Angled Up
MF221-2001B Straight MF221-1998B Straight
1.5 x 10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm) Detachable 1.5 x 10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm), Detachable
MF221-1999DT Angled Down MF221-1996DT Angled Down
MF221-2000DT Angled Up MF221-1997DT Angled Up
MF221-2001DT Straight MF221-1998DT Straight
1.5 x 10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 1.5 x 10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF221-1999DTB Angled Down MF221-1996DTB Angled Down
MF221-2000DTB Angled Up MF221-1997DTB Angled Up
MF221-2001DTB Straight MF221-1998DTB Straight
2x10mm Bite, 5″ (130mm) 2x10mm Bite, 6″ (150mm)
MF232-2312 Angled Down MF232-2332 Angled Down
MF232-2307 Angled Up MF232-2327 Angled Up
MF232-2302 Straight MF232-2322 Straight
2x10mm  Bite, 5″ (130mm) Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 2x10mm Bite, 6″ (150mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2312B Angled Down MF232-2332B Angled Down
MF232-2307B Angled Up MF232-2327B Angled Up
MF232-2302B Straight MF232-2322B Straight
2x10mm Bite, 5″ (130mm), Detachable 2x10mm Bite, 6″ (150mm), Detachable
MF232-2312DT Angled Down MF232-2332DT Angled Down
MF232-2307DT Angled Up MF232-2327DT Angled Up
MF232-2302DT Straight MF232-2322DT Straight
2x10mm Bite, 5″ (130mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 2x10mm Bite, 6″ (150mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2312DTB Angled Down MF232-2332DTB Angled Down
MF232-2307DTB Angled Up MF232-2327DTB Angled Up
MF232-2302DTB Straight MF232-2322DTB Straight
2x10mm bite, 7″ (180mm) 2x10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm) 
MF232-2357 Angled Down MF232-2377 Angled Down
MF232-2352 Angled Up MF232-2372 Angled Up
MF232-2347 Straight MF232-2367 Straight
2x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 2x10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2357B Angled Down MF232-2377B Angled Down
MF232-2352B Angled Up MF232-2372B Angled Up
MF232-2347B Straight MF232-2367B Straight
2x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Detachable 2x10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm), Detachable
MF232-2357DT Angled Down MF232-2377DT Angled Down
MF232-2352DT Angled Up MF232-2372DT Angled Up
MF232-2347DT Straight MF232-2367DT Straight
2x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 2x10mm Bite, 9″ (230mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2357DTB Angled Down MF232-2377DTB Angled Down
MF232-2352DTB Angled Up MF232-2372DTB Angled Up
MF232-2347DTB Straight MF232-2367DTB Straight
2x10mm Bite, 10″ (255mm)  2x10mm Bite, 11″ (280mm)
MF232-2394 Angled Down MF232-2422 Angled Down
MF232-2392 Angled Up MF232-2417 Angled Up
MF232-2387 Straight MF232-2412 Straight
2x10mm Bite, 10″ (255mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 2x10mm Bite, 11″ (280mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2394B Angled Down MF232-2422B Angled Down
MF232-2392B Angled Up MF232-2417B Angled Up
MF232-2387B Straight MF232-2412B Straight
2x10mm Bite, 10″ (255mm), Detachable 2x10mm Bite, 11″ (280mm), Detachable
MF232-2394DT Angled Down MF232-2422DT Angled Down
MF232-2392DT Angled Up MF232-2417DT Angled Up
MF232-2387DT Straight MF232-2412DT Straight
2x10mm Bite, 10″ (255mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated 2x10mm Bite, 11″ (280mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2394DTB Angled Down MF232-2422DTB Angled Down
MF232-2392DTB Angled Up MF232-2417DTB Angled Up
MF232-2387DTB Straight MF232-2412DTB Straight
2x10mm Bite, 12″ (305mm)
MF232-2429 Angled Down
MF232-2428 Angled Up
MF232-2427 Straight
2x10mm Bite, 12″ (305mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2429B Angled Down
MF232-2428B Angled Up
MF232-2427B Straight
2x10mm Bite, 12″ (305mm), Detachable
MF232-2429DT Angled Down
MF232-2428DT Angled Up
MF232-2427DT Straight
2x10mm Bite, 12″ (305mm), Detachable, Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF232-2429DTB Angled Down
MF232-2428DTB Angled Up
MF232-2427DTB Straight


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