Medfix® Caspar Style Distractor Set

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This complete Caspar style tubular distractor set is considered the gold standard in cervical disc distraction procedure. It consists of two vertebral body distractors from the right or left approach for C5 through T1/2 for the upper cervical spine.

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Medfix® Caspar Style Distractor Set
Cat. No.InventoryQuantity
MF051-601Medfix® Cervical Distractor, 100mm Rack, Left1
MF051-602Medfix® Cervical Distractor, 100mm Rack, Right1
MF051-603Medfix® Screwdriver for Distraction Pins 200mm2
MF232-9052Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 12mm2
MF232-9057Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 14mm2
MF051-605Medfix® Caspar Style Distractor Set Storage/Sterilization Case1
Also available:
MF232-9062Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 16mm
MF232-9067Medfix® Distraction Screws, Non-Sterile, 18mm