Medfix Bayoneted IVD Rongeurs

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Medfix Bayonet Cushing Rongeur Medfix Bayonet Cushing Rongeur 
Part Number Part Description Part Number Part Description
1.5x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm) 1.5x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF137-7001 straight MF137-7001B straight
MF137-7101 angled up MF137-7101B angled up
MF137-7201 angled down MF137-7201B angled down
Medfix Bayonet Cushing Rongeur    
2x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm) 2x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF137-7002 straight MF137-7002B straight
MF137-7102 angled up MF137-7102B angled up
MF137-7202 angled down MF137-7202B angled down
Medfix Bayonet Love-Gruenwald Rongeur     
3x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm) 3x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF138-7001 straight MF138-7001B straight
MF138-7002 angled up MF138-7002B angled up
MF138-7003 angled down MF138-7003B angled down
Medfix Bayonet Spurling Rongeur    
4x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm)  4x10mm Bite, 7″ (180mm), Black Titanium-nitrite Coated
MF139-7001 straight MF139-7001B straight
MF139-7002 angled up MF139-7002B angled up
MF139-7003 angled down MF139-7003B angled down




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