Medfix 7.3mm Cannulated Screw Instrument and Implant Set

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MF506-102   Medfix 7.3mm Cannulated Screw Instrument and Implant Set
Part Number Description Quantity
Medfix Drill Bit, 5.0/2.9mm diameter, cannulated, length 300/250mm 1
MF306-002 Medfix Countersink, cannulated, for 7.3mm cannulated screws 1
MF306-003 Medfix Parallel Wire Guide, 2.8mm diameter, adjustable distance 1
MF306-004 Medfix Protection Sleeve 12.0/8.5mm 1
MF306-005 Medfix Drill Sleeve 8.5/2.8mm length 120mm 1
MF306-006 Medfix Screwdriver, hexagonal, cannulated for 7.3mm cannulated screws, 300mm 1
MF306-007 Medfix Tap, cannulated, for 7.3mm cannulated screws 1
MF306-008 Medfix Measuring Device for 2.0 and 2.8mm guide wires, length 300mm 1
MF306-009 Medfix Protection Sleeve 15.5/13.0mm 1
MF306-010 Medfix Trocar, 2.8mm diameter, length 130mm 1
MF306-011 Medfix Screwdriver Shaft, hexagonal, cannulated, for quick coupling, 270mm 1
MF306-012 Medfix Screw Forceps, self-retaining Length 85mm 1
MF506-101A Medfix Case Set, Instrument Set for 7.3mm Cannulated Screws, with Screw Caddies 1
MF29-268 Medfix Guide Wire, 2.8mm Diameter with Spade Point, length 300mm 10

Implants available for purchase separately


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