Medfix 4.0mm Cannulated Screw Instrument and Implant Set

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MF250-4000   Medfix 4.0 Cannulated Screw Instrument and Implant Set
Part Number Description Quantity
MF306-011 Medfix Screwdriver Shaft, hexagonal, cannulated, for quick coupling, 270mm 1
MF306-012 Medfix Screw Forceps, self-retaining L 85mm 1
MF306-015 Medfix Drill Bit 2.7/1.35mm dia., cannulated, length 160/130mm, QC 2
MF306-017 Medfix Tap, cannulated, for 4.0mm cannulated screws 1
MF306-019 Medfix Screwdriver, hexagonal, cannulated, for 4.0 and 3.5mm cannulated screws, L 195mm 1
MF306-020 Medfix Handle with Quick Coupling, Length 110mm 1
MF306-021 Medfix Measuring Device for 4.0 and 3.5mm cannulated screws, length 210mm 1
MF306-022 Medfix Double Drill Sleeve 2.7/1.25 1
MF31-408 Medfix Holding Sleeve for Cannulated Hexagonal Screwdriver 1
MF31-925 Medfix 1.35mm Cleaning Brush 1
MF31-938 Medfix 1.25mm Cleaning Stylet 1
MF299-511 Medfix Guide Wire 1.25mm With Threaded Tip With Trocar, Length 150mm 10
MF306-013 Medfix Case Set, Instrument Set for Cannulated Screws, 4.0mm, with screw caddies 1

Implants available for purchase separately


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