The Single Source for Your Instrument System Requirements. October 19, 2012

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Medfix International, LLC specializes in the distribution of cost effective surgical solutions in each of its subspecialties across the globe. We have been delivering quality, low cost instrumentation around the world for many years. As a result of our success in fulfilling our mission of reducing cost without compromising quality we are developing a line of Standard Instruments and trays available under private label.

We can now offer integrated instrument solutions, combining commercially available instruments in unique combinations and in procedure specific kits along with custom engineered solutions. The custom engineered and integrated solutions seamlessly containing unique instrument configurations designed specifically for the customers needs, in combination with general surgical instruments. These systems are designed and delivered in sterilization trays branded to the customer specification as a single source solution.

Also, we offer complete instrument system design, catering to the specific needs of the OEM market for specialty and standard instruments into surgical systems. We are the specification developer, manufacturer of record and we will manage the supply chain, to deliver unique system solutions.

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